Yearly Traditions – 38th Annual Dugi Family Reunion

Yearly Traditions – 38th Annual Dugi Family Reunion

You know its been a great family reunion when you’re back at home taking a shower and you can literally see the dirt coming off your body. Every year, my family holds a reunion out on Navajo land where we come together for a weekend to visit with loved ones, eat delicious food and play a variety of games. It’s a yearly tradition that has been held since my mom was a little girl herself.

Our reunion usually kicks off on Friday, where everyone arrives at the location and sets up their camp. Later that day, each family is in charge of a carnival game for the kids to go around and participate in, plus win prizes. Saturday is a day filled with games such as egg toss, obstacle course, scavenger hunt, and more. Throughout the day, tournaments are played for volleyball, basketball, and kickball which are fun to watch. (I honestly don’t know how my family can play sports in the 100 degree heat. I prefer to just watch lol.)

The announcer said “boyfriend” as an item for the scavenger hunt. So we started running for the stage. We won a couple of pot holders lol 🙂

After the sun has set on Saturday, the talent show begins. This year, we got to see a couple of comedy acts, some serious musical talent, a skit performed in dinosaur suits and more. There is no shortage of laughter here! On Sunday, the final day, games are finished up, a pot luck is held for lunch, and the planning begins for next year’s reunion.

So grateful for my Dugi family 🙂

Returning home from the reunion, I always feel refreshed, like I can hit the reset button and take on whatever life has to throw at me. I’m curious, does your family hold reunions each year? Or, is there another yearly tradition that your family takes part in? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Keep scrolling to see some photos from my mini “fashion” shoot featuring the most beautiful scenery. Also, thank you my love for taking these photos!

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you all have a nízhoníful day!

Let’s be friends!


2 thoughts on “Yearly Traditions – 38th Annual Dugi Family Reunion

  1. Beautiful article about family tradition. And love your photo shoot, beautiful pictures, subject and unique location. Thank you.


  2. It’s so awesome to see your participation in your family reunion! Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts, ideas and photos.


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