5 Stylish Ways to Wear Overalls

5 Stylish Ways to Wear Overalls

Spring is here, and it’s time to break out your favorite pair of overalls! I am a huge fan of overalls because they are so versatile, they can easily be worn casually or dressed up. When I want to put together a quick outfit while still being cute, I automatically go to my overalls because 80% of the outfit is already thought of. If you want to be overall twins with me, keep scrolling because I will be showing you five different ways to wear overalls that accommodates for all styles.

1. Preppy Professional

Contrary to what you might think, overalls can be styled to look professional! I found that the best way to do this, is to wear a blouse underneath while keeping the color palette neutral. For my top, I went for a polka dot blouse that has a cute tie. I love how the tie adds visual interest up top and breaks up the overall’s shape. Mini bags are my favorite as of late, so I decided to go for a plaid mini bag. Mixing patterns can be daunting, (and still is for me!) but keeping them within the same color palette is an easy way to start off. Lastly, for shoes, I am wearing a nude heel. This outfit is perfect to wear when you want to dress it up a bit!

(Overalls: Universal Standard | Blouse: Marshalls | Bag: Pendleton | Shoes: Calvin Klein)

2. All Black

Whenever I am stuck on what to wear, I know that an all black outfit will never fail me! This is a simple and easy outfit for anyone to recreate because I am sure we all have something black in our wardrobes. To keep things interesting, I decided to wear a one shoulder top underneath the overalls. Staying true to black, I went for my thrifted mini bag that has nice metal details. For shoes, I am wearing these pointed toe slippers that have metal accents. By keeping the color palette all black and incorporating metal accents, it creates a sophisticated sleek look.

Overalls: Universal Standard | Top: Fashion Nova | Bag: Ralph Lauren | Shoes: Steve Madden

3. Girly Floral

My favorite way to wear overalls lately has been to pair them with a girly blouse underneath. I am especially obsessed with ones that have poofy sleeves and smocking (which is that scrunched up looked around the body of the top). Wicker bags are the perfect accessory to just about anything and I am so happy that I finally get to break mine out with the warmer temperatures. For shoes, I am wearing lace up espadrille wedges.

Overalls: Wild Fable | Top: Free People | Bag: Unknown – Thrifted | Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

4. Denim on Denim

If you want to try something new and get out of your comfort zone, I recommend trying a denim on denim look. For my top, I am wearing a button up denim shirt underneath these denim overalls. To accessorize, I am wearing statement pearl hairclips as well as a matching white mini bag. Staying consistent with the denim look, I am wearing denim sandals for shoes. I am so pleased with how this outfit turned out and have always been a fan of denim looks.

Overalls: Wild Fable | Top: Hollister | Bag: Nine West | Shoes: Sophia Milano

5. Casual Tee

This last outfit is probably the most commonly worn way, but there is good reason for that. A basic tee and overall combo will look good on just about anyone. This is my absolute favorite t-shirt from my fellow blogger friend Alana Yazzie aka The Fancy Navajo. It has the words Ya’at’eeh Gorgeous on it, which basically means Hello Gorgeous, how cute is that! (Ya’at’eeh is Navajo for “Hello”, if you didn’t know.) I decided to wear a Masani scarf in my hair for a pop of color. And because this outfit is all about comfort and wearability, I am wearing white sneakers for shoes.

Overalls: Wild Fable | Top: The Fancy Navajo | Scarf: From a vendor from a Pow Wow | Shoes: Walmart

I had a lot of fun putting these outfits together and I would love to know which one you are going to try! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @NizhonifulMe so I can like, comment and share! Also, I made a video version of this blog post over on my YouTube channel, Nizhoniful Me, so please go check that out and subscribe. I will leave the links below. What would you like to see me style next?

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Yearly Traditions – 38th Annual Dugi Family Reunion

Yearly Traditions – 38th Annual Dugi Family Reunion

You know its been a great family reunion when you’re back at home taking a shower and you can literally see the dirt coming off your body. Every year, my family holds a reunion out on Navajo land where we come together for a weekend to visit with loved ones, eat delicious food and play a variety of games. It’s a yearly tradition that has been held since my mom was a little girl herself.

Our reunion usually kicks off on Friday, where everyone arrives at the location and sets up their camp. Later that day, each family is in charge of a carnival game for the kids to go around and participate in, plus win prizes. Saturday is a day filled with games such as egg toss, obstacle course, scavenger hunt, and more. Throughout the day, tournaments are played for volleyball, basketball, and kickball which are fun to watch. (I honestly don’t know how my family can play sports in the 100 degree heat. I prefer to just watch lol.)

The announcer said “boyfriend” as an item for the scavenger hunt. So we started running for the stage. We won a couple of pot holders lol 🙂

After the sun has set on Saturday, the talent show begins. This year, we got to see a couple of comedy acts, some serious musical talent, a skit performed in dinosaur suits and more. There is no shortage of laughter here! On Sunday, the final day, games are finished up, a pot luck is held for lunch, and the planning begins for next year’s reunion.

So grateful for my Dugi family 🙂

Returning home from the reunion, I always feel refreshed, like I can hit the reset button and take on whatever life has to throw at me. I’m curious, does your family hold reunions each year? Or, is there another yearly tradition that your family takes part in? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Keep scrolling to see some photos from my mini “fashion” shoot featuring the most beautiful scenery. Also, thank you my love for taking these photos!

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you all have a nízhoníful day!

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DIY Hair Accessories

DIY Hair Accessories

Who else is obsessed with the hair accessory trend that’s been all around the internet lately? I absolutely love this trend! Especially the ones that contain statement words and I thought why not recreate this trend and make it say something unique to myself? In this blog post, I will show you how to create your very own hair accessories personalized to you!

What you will need:

  • Bobby pins in various lengths (Wal-Mart)
  • Charm bracelet letters (Amazon)
  • J-B Kwik Weld or adhesive of your choice (Amazon)
  • Optional: Beads of your choice (shown below are cedar beads, turquoise beads and faux pearls)

Let’s get started!

  1. The first thing you want to do is map out what you want your hair accessories to say. In this case, I chose the words “Walk in Beauty” and “Indigenous Goddess”. Having an assortment of bobby pin lengths to choose from is helpful if you have a longer word you want to spell out. Be creative and have fun!
  2. Now that you have your words chosen and ready to go, mix equal parts of each J-B Kwik Weld tube. This is what will bond the letters to the bobby pins. You will want to work quick since, after six minutes, this mixture will harden. Use a toothpick to place this mixture where you want the first letter to sit on the bobby pin and slide the charm letter on. Repeat until you have all letters on the bobby pin. Make any needed adjustments before the letters set.
  3. Let your DIY hair creations fully cure before wearing (about 4-6 hours). Take some photos and tag me on Instagram so I can admire your artwork!

Helpful Tips:

  1. Before permanently bonding the letters onto the bobby pin, slide the letters onto the pin spelling out what you want it to say and see how it will look in your hair. Depending on which side of your head you plan on wearing this hair accessory, the placement of the letters and the way the bobby pin lays matters so test it out before bonding!
  2. Bond the charm letters to the flat side of the bobby pin. This works best since the charm letters are able to lay flat.
  3. Since the J-B Kwik Weld sets within six minutes of being mixed, I would mix together a small amount at a time to bond one word onto a bobby pin and then remix for the second word. This way I would not waste the mixture. Make sure to read all instructions for the J-B Kwik Weld product before using.


I decided to make an assortment of hair accessory designs using cedar beads, turquoise beads and pearls. (I initially used a hot glue gun for these, but the beads started to fall off within a couple of days) You can either use the J-B Kwik Weld or a jewelry adhesive to secure the beads to the bobby pins to create some unique hair accessories!

The Final Result:

I will definitely be rocking these hair accessories all spring long! I can’t wait to see what you make so be sure to tag me on Instagram so that I can see your hair accessory creations! Also, let me know which was your favorite out of all of them in the comments below.

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Hello everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to do an introductory post so that you could get to know a little more about me, my journey to here, and why I started this blog.

My name is Caitlin and I am a Diné (Navajo) woman originally from Page, Arizona. Growing up, I had always loved fashion and putting together outfits. I would say that I was a creative person overall since my favorite school subjects were photography, graphic design, and art class. Although fashion was a passion of mine, I never really believed that I could make a successful career out of it. There were no Native owned fashion brands or fashion professionals that I knew of back then, so it just didn’t seem realistic to me.

Going into college, I lost touch with my creative side since I was focused on obtaining my business degree. My junior year, I decided to make an effort to get more involved with fashion by joining Phoenix Fashion Week. I was there for about two years doing a myriad of things and learning a lot. I got to work with emerging designers and models to see the business side of fashion. I got to experience what it was like planning for, setting up, and executing a fashion show. I was given the position of managing Phoenix Fashion Week’s social media channels which meant planning out, writing, and posting content three times a day to multiple platforms. Through all of this, I learned so much about fashion but the most important thing I learned was about myself. That I am a valuable asset and am capable of achieving my goals. That I shouldn’t undersell myself because I am worth so much more. These seem like obvious things that everyone should believe about themselves, but, without knowing it, I was doubting myself and my capabilities. My experience at Phoenix Fashion Week gave me a chance to prove myself wrong.

After leaving Phoenix Fashion Week, I enrolled in Fashion Fundamentals, a six week course taught by Audree Kate Lopez where she shares her tips and tricks on breaking into the fashion industry. I couldn’t be more happy to have such an accomplished fashion professional as my mentor today. Within the first couple of weeks of taking this course, I had to lay out my professional goals and personal brand. Although, I always knew that I wanted a career in a more creative industry, I never verbalized or wrote down what that overall career goal was. I think that I always knew what I wanted deep down, but was never fully honest with myself about it. Through that process, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to make a living as a fashion blogger and content creator. I wanted to be my own boss. So, this is one of many first steps toward making that a reality and I couldn’t be more excited!

I hope that this blog will serve as a fashion resource and inspiration for many of you as well as a place for me to express myself creatively. Thank you for following along!

Fun Facts About Me

  • I am 3/4 Navajo and 1/4 Irish
  • I am going on 2 years of being a vegetarian
  • I LOVE the outdoors. I grew up hiking, camping and traveling to national parks.
  • I am addicted to Korean dramas and K-Pop
  • I absolutely adore dogs and hope to own a golden retriever one day (but I would honestly be happy with any kind of dog!)
  • One of my favorite pastimes is thrifting. I love the idea of finding perfectly fine clothing or items for a fraction of the price.

Let’s be friends!

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